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What do we do?

Zazemli uses leading edge clean technologies, mainly focused on generating renewable energy, and implements them into integral ecological solutions to improve the quality of life and the environment.

From houses and apartment buildings, to hospitals, shopping malls and factories, we offer a diverse gamma of products and services.

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Kyiv, Ukraine

Our Story

Zazemli was founded in 2020 in Ukraine, after realizing the potential growth that this country can achieve in terms of sustainable development and clean energy production. We want to contribute to this growth.

Actual situation

Ukraine has many environmental challenges, such as:

  • Elevated greenhouse gases emissions
  • Solid waste management difficulties
  • Low production, storage and distribution of energy
  • High costs of fossil fuel importation

    Also multiple forms of air, water and soil pollution that ultimately lead to human health problems and destruction of ecosystems.

    We wish to highlight two particular issues:

    1. Waste generation, management and disposal
    2. Energy production and storage (heat and electricity), its costs, low efficiency and ecological footprint.


    Using all renewable natural resources, our products and services offer the possibility to reduce the carbon footprint, produce clean energy and enhance the quality of life. Taking in account different features and challenges of our clients, we offer customized ecological solutions according to their unique profiles.

    Small home-sized integral projects may include photovoltaic roofs or windows to reduce electric fees, or waste biomass converters for domestic heat usage, etc. While bigger corporations may also need wind turbines to continue the electricity production at night and a mobile ecological incinerator to eliminate big quantities of solid waste or even a middle sized energy storage battery to gather all extra produced energy.

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    Waste Management

    Energy Storage

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