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What if we could make a significant impact to reduce importation costs of fossil fuels by producing heat and electric energy in a cleaner way? 

It is clear by now that the future of humanity should be constructed upon renewable energy: solar and wind energy, hydroelectricity, etc. In Ukraine, there are already projects that produce and sell clean energy. These projects are helping the country to go in the right path, but there is still a long way to make a real difference in the national economy and energy production.

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The first goal of Zazemli is to reduce the national percentage of investments in fossil fuels for energy production, by the usage of clean technologies specialized in both electricity and heat production. We develop integral ecological solutions through the importation, installation and maintenance of leading edge clean technologies, that solve the main environmental problems in Ukraine. Using all the renewable natural resources, we offer the possibility to reduce the carbon footprint, produce clean energy and enhance the quality of life.

Personalized Solutions

Taking in account different features and challenges of our clients, we offer customized ecological solutions according to their unique profiles. Small home-sized integral projects may include photovoltaic roofs or windows to reduce electricity fees, or waste biomass converters for domestic heat usage etc. While bigger corporations may also need wind turbines to continue the electricity production at night and a mobile ecological incinerator to eliminate big quantities of solid waste produced daily in different branches or even a middle sized energy storage battery to gather all extra produced energy.

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Best of the best

Whatever your particular needs are, we guarantee our key qualities and benefits:

Innovation: we provide leading edge clean technologies.

Integrality: we offer complete ecological solutions for your home or business.

Top Design: our cleantech not only helps the environment and people, but also looks amazing.

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