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Vulkanno, mobile waste disposal system


Vulkanno is a powerful mobile waste disposal system that destroys almost any solid waste in a heat chamber, with its unique Hydrogen Oxygen generator system.

The world’s best high-temperature pyrolysis technology is applied by a combination of optimized design and process conditions.

It do not generate any smoke or smells, only vapour. The resulting energy can be harvested with an additional systems. 

Vulkanno is the best solution to lessen the impact on the environment while saving cost and generating clean energy.

Main Features

Complete Combustion

The only incineration system that induces complete combustion by accelerating the self-combustion of incineration with 3 layer of air curtain system and can get the temperature to more than 1500℃ by injecting hydrogen-oxygen compressed air.

Eliminate harmful substances

It burns and decomposes harmful substances such as dioxin and other pollutants, with no smoke or odor.

Complete incineration of:

PCB, PET, styrofoam, vinyl, tires, polymer industrial waste, high water content non-combustible waste (foods) and medical waste. All waste burn possible, except stone, glass and metal.

Technical characteristics

Hydrogen-Oxygen System

The world’s first and only ‘hydrogen-oxygen system’. It uses fuel (can be selected for kerosene, LPG, and LNG) only for initial ignition and preheating. It is incinerated without additional fuel after preheating, and the maintenance cost is very low.

High temperatures

The highest temperature in the incinerator is 1500 ~ 1800 °C with hydrogen-oxygen technology. Average temperature in the furnace is stabilized at 1,250 °C or higher.

Anti-oxidation coating

Anti-oxidation coating of metal to resist high temperature and application of ceramic coating technology to prevent elution of volatile organic compounds.


Extremely low emissions

Emissions of dioxins and harmful gases generated during incineration are extremely low because of the 3 layer air curtain system. All evaluated items including dioxin passed Korea Environmental Standards.

Convenient mobility

It is possible to incinerate local garbage while moving after the vehicle is loaded.

Low costs

It costs less than 10 dollars a day to run on a 24hr cycle. Compared to incinerators of existing plant type, the structure is simple and the facility price is 1/3, which is very cheap.

Exceptional durability

This system has high-security insulation that can withstand ultra high temperatures of 1500℃ or higher and has a life span of more than 10 years.

Ideal for:

Shopping Mall


Medical Facilities






National parks and touristic zones

Zazemli, official distributor of Vulkanno in Ukraine.

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