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V-AIR Vertical Axis Wind Turbines 


Vision Air innovative vertical axis wind turbines are producing renewable, affordable energy around the world. V-Air offers a product that is simple, clean, and quiet. Featuring a sleek yet durable design, these wind turbines are built to last and are ideal across a range of environments.

Founded in 2008, today V-Air is the world leader in vertical axis wind turbines with more than 2,000 projects in over 100 countries. Their technology allows you to maximize the power generating potential of wind and gain greater control of your electricity costs. Together, ZAZEMLI & V-Air, we envision a world powered by clean energy.

Main Features 

VisionAIR wind turbines leverage advanced technology via helical blades to efficiently turn their dual axis generator, creating a dependable source of energy for your energy needs

VisionAIR wind turbines are an advanced helical Darrieus design, which is far more efficient than the simpler Savonius VAWT.

Taking wind from all directions, our design allows the turbines to exhibit exceptional performance and durability. 

Technical characteristics

Automatic Safety Break

V-AIR has designed its ASB with an industrial PLC to meet the braking conditions of the wind turbine with double detection system.

Grid Tie Inverter

V-AIR uses ABB grid tie solar inverters associated with Voltsys wind controllers. Voltsys controllers override the MPPT tracking in the ABB solar inverters.


V-AIR is excited to present you the new models of our wind turbines, more powerful, more safe and still so quiet and beautiful.



Tested at V-Air Wind Technologies’ proprietary lab and designed to last 20 years long.

Sleek Design

Show the world your commitment to renewable energy. You no longer have to sacrifice aesthetics to go green.


It’s quieter than a human whisper. VisionAIR3 is the quietest certified turbine in the world.


V-Air wind turbines include both Grid Tie and Off-Grid options.

VisionAIR5 with solar pannels Landscape

Ideal for:

Boats & Marine Applications




Shopping Malls

Street lights

Zazemli, official distributor of Vision Air in Ukraine.

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