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QR6 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


The QR6 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) was designed as the next generation of helical wind turbine offering improved power generation, increased swept area whilst retaining the intrinsic beauty of the original design.

The blades, spokes and torque tube are made of advanced composite materials including carbon fibre for weight reduction, stiffness and longevity. The helical swept blades help distribute loads evenly, resulting in minimal vibration making the QR6 a good option for roof mounts.

The turbine is supported by a powerful industrial programmable logic controller which can easily be configured to comply with grid codes around the world. The QR6 wind turbine has been designed and developed in the UK. With it’s recognized, iconic design and strong aerodynamic performance it is the ideal small wind turbine.

Main Features

Elegant aesthetically pleasing swept blade design

Compact and easy to integrate

Revolutionary blade tip designed to shed noise

Unique aero-elastic blade design captures turbulent wind and absorbs vibration

Power regulation

In built safety mechanisms – auto emergency shutdown

Technical characteristics

Wind speeds: start 4.5 m/s, safety cutout 25 m/s

Design life: +30 years

Annual energy production: 25 000 kWh


Wind from all directions

Unlike traditional horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) which need to track the wind, QR6 rotor can use wind from all directions, therefore maximizing efficiency.

More space efficient

A VAWT for the same swept area has a smaller plan area than a HAWT, making it more space efficient.

Aerodynamic helical blade

The aerodynamic helical blade design results in smooth, quiet operation.

Enhanced anti-corrosive properties

The brakes modified with enhanced anti – corrosive properties, increased power despite decreased energy consumption.

Ideal for:

Private houses

Building roofs

Shopping Mall



Open spaces and parks

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