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EMGo technology is a new engineering structure focused on the development of innovative solutions in the field of electric transport, energy storage and green technologies.

EMGo is a research structure, with its own technology park and a full cycle of product implementation, from idea and development to launch in series.

Main Features

Technological standards

EMGo is building the first professional certified center of development and production of “green products” in Ukraine. It will be based on European industry standards.

Green transport

Design, development and production of electric vehicles (batteries, electrical systems, drives and electric transmissions, chargers).

Battery innovation

EMGo study and test new formulas of battery chemistry, in research and development we use the advanced batteries providing the maximum capacity and safety for the user


Powerful electric motorcycle, developed on the basis of the popular gasoline analogue.

Main Features


The battery is designed and assembled by EMGo. Energy losses during its operation are minimal. We use high conductivity contactors. The motorcycle battery can serve as a backup battery for other devices even after the motorcycle is turned off.


The charger is integrated into the motorcycle, providing high charging speed. You only need to have the charger power cable with you, which makes operation fundamentally more convenient.

Engine and transmission

The Scramper has an integrated power plant. BLDC – engine and 4-speed transmission with 3 kW (5000 RPM). The transmission works similarly to gasoline. Capabilities of the electric motor to reach peak power in 15,8 kW and to keep peak current of loading of the motor of 200A.

Technical Characteristics

Top speed: 120 km/h

Battery: Li Ion 4kW

Power reserve on one charge: 145 km

Charger: 88.2V

Charging time: 90 minutes (80%) / 120 minutes (100%)

Brakes: Disc brakes, hydraulic / electromagnetic braking


This is the urban transport of the future, which allows you to be independent throughout the day.

Main Features

On-board charger

Allows you to charge from any outlet without having to search for a charging station or use additional devices.

Durable battery

LFP batteries are much more stable than conventional lithium-ion batteries. With a daily charge once a day, they can be used for 22 years.

Pleasant dynamics

Power and maximum speed allow you to feel comfortable in the city flow.

Technical Characteristics

Top speed: 90 km/h

Battery: LiFePo4 5.8 kW

Battery life: 8000 cycles

Power reserve on one charge: 150 km

Charger: 86.4V

Charging time: 90 minutes (90%) / 120 minutes (100%)

Brakes: CBC disc, hydraulic / electromagnetic braking


In terms of its qualities, it may well compete with a 50 cc gasoline scooter. On the other hand, there is almost no reason to fail.

Main Features


A powerful 3 kW engine located on a small pendulum drives the wheel with a chain drive.


The scooter is equipped with a full front suspension from the scooter and rear shock absorbers, which ensure the smoothness of the road.


This scooter is equally comfortable to ride standing / sitting, which makes it even closer to the scooter.

Technical Characteristics

Top speed: 55 km/h

Battery: Li Ion 4kW

Battery life: 1500 cycles

Power reserve on one charge: 150 km

Charger: 67.2V

Charging time: 120 minutes (90%) / 180 minutes (100%)

Brakes: Disc brakes, hydraulic / electromagnetic braking

Ideal for:

Food delivery services

Tourism and recreation rent

Mailing services

Personal use

and more...

Zazemli, sales partner of EMGo in Ukraine.

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