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SportsArt ECO-POWR Line consists of a group of cardio products that harness the energy of the user for local energy storage or feed it directly back into the grid by simply plugging it into a standard wall outlet.

Once users begin exercising, power is generated and fed back into the power grid to offset power consumption elsewhere in the facility.

The ECO-POWR Line is an elegant solution for gym clubs, hotels,  residential zones with common gym areas or even for private homes or apartments that want to reduce their electric bills and produce clean renewable energy.

Main Features

Produce green energy while you exercise

Helps to reduce the CO2 emissions

Save on electric bills

Easy to install and plug

Beautiful design

Well+ app for progress tracking

Treadmill, Elliptical, Cycle bike, Cross trainer.

Technical characteristics


Up to 74% of the energy is captured during the workout. Average of 50-90 Wh of energy production.


Every product has different work levels and adjustable seats.

Inverter included

These products have an integrated inverter to harness human-generated power from exercisers.

Simple to use

The world’s first system which allows energy to be returned to the grid simply by plugging this equipment into any standard power outlet.


Save on bills

Energy generated is then fed back into the power grid as usable energy, which can offset the costs of a facility.

Eco Friendly

Reduce carbon footprint, contributing to the global mission of sustainability.

Ideal for gyms and hotels

When club owners replace all of their ellipticals and bikes with the ECO-POWR products, there will be significant power offsets savings.

Sustainable mind

Attract and engage sustainably minded members. while reducing carbon footprint.

Downloadable app

Follow your progress and energy generation using the app Well+.

Ideal for:



Private houses


Sports Clubs

and more...

Zazemli, sales partner of Sports Art in Ukraine.

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