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The OFFGEN Battery is our all-in-one energy storage solution for residential or commercial use. The Offgen promotes cleaner energy whilst giving you greater grid independence.
Aceleron Energy is an award-winning, innovative clean technology company, designing and building lithium-ion batteries and energy storage solutions for better performance in a better world. Aceleron batteries have longer, improved operating life and commit to 99% recyclability.
Aceleron´s lithium-ion batteries were created with true sustainability in mind. As well as ZAZEMLI Ecological Solutions, Aceleron Energy always places people and the environment at the core of business, ensuring to provide peace of mind to customers across the world.

Main Features

All in one solution

With its built-in solar inverter, battery management system and lithium-ion batteries, this one box solution is everything you need to produce, store and use your own electricity.

Self Consumption

the Offgen can be used to entirely power homes with clean renewable energy for off-grid homes.

Back-up power

store emergency power to feed critical loads within your home or commercial space.

Grid Export

The Offgen allows you to supply excess energy automatically or on-demand to supplement the national grid with cleaner energy.

Technical characteristics


Weatherproof one-box solution, suitable for outdoor installation.

20+ year lifespan

Unlike other energy storage solutions the Offgen is serviceable contributing to its extended lifespan.

3 install configurations

The Offgen is versatile and can be installed in three configurations: AC, DC or UPS.

Peak Power

Under normal conditions, the Offgen offers a peak power of 5.5kW

Energy Capacity

Total energy capacity of 10 kWh, and a functional energy capacity average of 8kWh.


World's most sustainable lithium batteries

Our unique battery technology makes it easier for you to cut your carbon footprint.

Design for waste reduction and recyclability

Our batteries are fully serviceable, upgradeable and recyclable – the first of their kind.

Driving worldwide positive social impact

We strive to make battery technology that will have lasting benefits for society and environment.

Remote battery monitoring

Predictive intelligence systems sending real-time performance data.

Ideal for:

Business centers


Private houses


Shopping Malls


Zazemli, sales partner of Aceleron in Ukraine.

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